Posting Bra Colors on Facebook: Social Media Team Up for Breast Cancer Awareness

Why are women posting their bra colors on Facebook? To promote breast cancer awareness. While it’s not the first time social media has been used to support a cause, posting bra colors on Facebook is an innovative and interesting way to go about it.
Purpose of Posting Bra Colors on Facebook?

The color postings are intended to create curiosity on what the trend is about. It uses two factors that motivate people, curiosity and sex. After seeing multiple Facebook updates of pink, purple, white and more, people may wonder what the color postings mean. They in turn discover that women are posting bra colors. Possibly finding that titillating, they may want to know why women are doing this. That is when they hit the cause, raising breast cancer awareness.

When someone has found the cause of the bra color updates, they have been made aware. Mission accomplished. Some people may stumble upon a blog or article that spreads breast cancer awareness further. There is then possibility that people will be educated on breast cancer risks, self exams, early detection and more.

Why Breast Cancer Awareness?

According to the Mayo Clinic, “Breast cancer is second only to lung cancer as a cause of cancer deaths in American women.” Over 200,000 women yearly are diagnosed with breast cancer in this country. In the United States, almost 40,000 women die annually from this disease. For a lot of women, especially those who have lost loved ones to the disease, that is enough reason to post their bra colors on Facebook.

The Mayo Clinic further states that early detection can be used for women to catch breast cancer in its early stages. This is when a cure is most probable. The National Breast Cancer Organization’s website explains how women can give themselves a self -exam in the shower, lying down or in front of a mirror.

Use Social Media to Raise Awareness, Without Posting Bra Colors

Social media, like Facebook and Twitter, are often used to raise awareness for causes. People often urge their followers and friends to support a cause through brief messages. Some link to charities, articles and their own blog postings that support their views. It is a way to get their virtual community involved, make them aware and potentially educate.

There are ways to continuously support breast cancer awareness, or another cause, if you are too embarrassed to flaunt your bra colors on Facebook. You can post funny, provocative or poignant bumper stickers on your MySpace or Facebook page. Twitter and MySpace allow you to change the background of your page. You could use the logo of your cause there.

Twibbon is a site that allows you to support a cause on your Facebook or Twitter avatar (profile picture). There are numerous Breast Cancer Awareness Twibbons. These include the classic assortment of pink ribbons, pink lipsticked kiss marks and a pink curly wig. In the spirit of this posting bra colors on Facebook trend, you could even use their hot pink bra, featuring a pale pink ribbon on one cup.