Changing Your WordPress Admin User Name

I’m a big fan of WordPress, however there are a few things about it that disturbs me. The number one being that every installation of WordPress assigns the same administrator login name. Not only that, there is no easy way to change your login name. This is just one way a hacker can invade your web home especially if you have an insecure password. So here are instructions on how to change your admin login name.

The instructions are based on the assumption that you use phpmyadmin to access your database. If you use another program you’ll have to a little translating to apply to your situation. However this is so easy that you’ll probably be able to figure it in no time champ.

1. Back up your database first.

Making these changes is so easy that you shouldn’t really have any problems making the changes. On the other hand, why tempt fate? She just might take you up on the offer. Especially if Murphy is around with all of his laws.

2. Use phpadmin to access your database

3. Select the table labeled WP-User and click the browse icon. This will bring up all the records listed in that table.

4. Select the record labeled Admin and click edit. The edit button looks like a little pencil.

5. Go to the field labeled user-login and change the name there to the one you want.

6. Save the changes.

7. Go to your login page and verify the changes by logging in.

Happy Blogging :)