Welcome to my humble company website. My name is Daria Black and one thing I’ve learned in life is that everyone has a story. People, animals and even plants. It’s amazing what you can learn when you take the time to listen.

This is probably why I love the blogging phenomenon so much. I get to peek into other peoples lives in the comfort of my own home instead of sneaking door to door to see what the neighbors are up to.

So I suppose it’s only fair that if I’m going to peep through your windows that I should allow you the same courtesy. I’m a 32 year old atheist who lives in the suburbs of Maryland, writes fiction, designs websites and dreams of one day finding the hole that Alice tumbled down and experiencing Wonderland for myself.

I am a self taught web designer. I am proficient in HTML, XHTML and CSS. I am familiar enough with PHP and MySQL to recognize it when I see it and even alter a command or two. Currently I’m studying DHTML and Ajax. I love all things geek and seem to have a knack for them, however, my first passion is writing. I write both fiction and nonfiction (articles). So far I am self published via my blog and a few articles submitted at Ezinearticles to increase traffic to my website but the year is young and I am determined that it will end with me getting my work in a reputable publication.

As I mentioned earlier, Webernet Architect Design Studio is my business website. Here I offer my wares for sale as well as a guide to the internet that covers web design and development, blogging, social networking, security and whatever else that happens to catch my eye that I think may be of interest to you. The site is still in it’s infancy and I hope that you will help and support me by offering any suggestions for improvement.

I am also the owner of the Bloggertowne Blog Directory, the newest blog directory to hit the directory scene. Now that WebArch has matured a little bit, I felt like taking on a new challenge. Bloggertowne is human edited, (by me, of course) and is free to submit. As an added bonus, the directory will also feature website reviews so you can know who’s Da Bomb and who just bombs. Stop by and submit your blog to Bloggertowne today!

Oh and incidentally, that is not a picture of me. The only thing that I and that woman have in common is the fact that we both have long dark hair and brown eyes. So why is it there you ask? Well all the SEO “Experts” say that visitors like to see a face when they visit a blog. I am uncomfortable with having my picture on the internet and therefore I thought this would be a nice compromise. Rest easy that I am a real person and not an agent of the Matrix or a monkey hitting random letters on the keyboard that happen to form coherent words and sentences.

And that’s my story. If you want to learn more about me visit my personal blog, Lexicon Indigo or feel free to contact me.